Honestly I never thought I would be writing anything remotely close to this topic. I’m seriously smack dab in the middle of two enormous car seats trying to work. I can’t imagine how big they’ll be in 5 more years. Talk about no space.


Sometimes as a digital nomad you have to get creative about where you work. #digitalnomad #carseats #crammed #workingonthego


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We have the Graco 4ever car seats and despite the luxury space provided for my children I love them! Good price and we’ll never have to buy another seat again. Score!




Anyways back to my elbows being squished against my ribs. I don’t recommend it but as a digital nomad mom sometimes you just gotta do it. I was able to squeeze in some work as we drove up to meet our parents for some Pacific Northwest camping!


So here’s some tips if you ever decide you want to partake in wiggling your hips into a tiny space in your car.


Tip 1: Plan ahead. Make sure you have all the supplies you could possibly need on the road with you in the back seat. Or ensure that there’s someone who’s willing to pass you them. You could even have someone who’s reluctant but willing! You’ll want to limit the amount of times you’ll have to contort your way in and out of the car.


Tip 2: Slouch. Yup you read that right. Slouch. Why? I know it’s against every fiber of your being, but your hips will thank you for it. Believe me! Slouching actually helps them feel less compressed because they aren’t competing for space with the car seats.


Tip 3: Research. While you manage to uncomfortably type on your device and get some much needed work done, do some research on how to stretch in confined spaces. Literally every 10 minutes you are going to feel the results of confinement and will feel the urge to loosen up.


Tip 4: Plan activities for your kids. Heaven knows the second you open your computer or phone your children will want to also play on it. So save yourself the headache of explaining that you’re working and that they cannot use it.


Tip 5: Buy a big car.  Avoid the situation all together and just buy a large car when your expecting your first kid. Even if you don’t work from your car you will still have to sit in the back seat. It’s inevitable. Small cars and car seats = no space.


There you have it. Your days of working in the car will be times you’ll always reminisce about… Because there’s nothing like a challenge when you’re trying to work! Ha! So grab your kids, car, and computer, get on that road trip and be safe!


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