Hi, we’re Kalanit & Noa!  We’ve made it our life passion to support others just like us. Whether you’re a mom, gamer, or philanthropist. We want to get to know you. Let’s build a community together so we all are a little less alone.

Our Story


We are two sisters, whom like you, are on a journey to find who we are and where we fit in. As aspiring digital nomads within our virtual assistance business, we both found the beauty in helping others through our personal journeys. Both unique and both beautiful.

Writing is one of the ways that we help others. In sharing our journeys we hope that you find that none of us are alone and that there is always someone else out there that can relate. Let’s join together and learn from one another.

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Our Values & Beliefs

There is no room for judgement

Judging each other gets absolutely …. NO ONE….anywhere. We all have our struggles and tribulations, some of which we keep hidden. Let’s empower one another, together.

Learning is never ending

An old dog can learn new tricks and the old ways (even a couple weeks old) are constantly being rewritten, which means we have to keep up with ever evolving technology.

We are all one

Race, gender, nationality, sexuality, religion, as far as we are concerned; We are all HUMAN. While humans are capable of (sad face) things, we all have the same genetic make up. Soo let’s be friends!

This is us

Yup, this is from a bunch of years ago, but it remains to be one of my favorite photos of us. A photo is worth a million words right?

The only word that comes to mind with this is….unconditional. Unconditional love, happiness and trust. This was when I, lived in Honolulu, Hawaii. We snapped this shot right before a night on the town in Waikiki.

We are independent, headstrong, and occasionally (maybe extremely) stubborn, women.  We live in the heart of Seattle, Washington and look for adventure around every corner.

Please join us!

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Don’t Wait Any Longer. Let’s go on this journey together!