Nowadays, more moms and dads are ditching the commute for working from home opportunities. For many, working from home gives parents the best of both worlds – the ability to be available to their young children while still bringing in a paycheck.


Working from home is hard, but it can be enjoyable especially if you have kids!



When people know that you’re a Freelancer or specifically working from home;

They often tell you that you’re lucky. No commute and no office hours. Just you, a comfortable home office, and the opportunity to spend more time with your kids. Those benefits, however, come with an equivalent number of challenges, particularly at the personal level.


Yes indeed, you’re very lucky. Little do they know…. the hardest part.


It’s painstakingly hard and heartbreaking that sometimes your child is calls you and you can’t go, or you can’t give them attention because you have deadlines to make. Not all clients are created equal. While most have families of their own and understand the restrictions of a fellow business owner, some unfortunately have strict deadlines of their own and have little time for flexibility. 

Often times, you’re beyond tired and you know that if you get on the floor to play you’ll fall asleep…because..well you need it. You can’t really enjoy working from home if you don’t have a  strong game plan that will keep everything organized so you can do your job, your duty as a parent and have a little bit of YOU time.


To help you enjoy working from home with your kids, here are some of the helpful tips:


Tip #1: Enjoy the little moments

It’s a fact. You will not have the whole day for your child. So I recommend taking little breaks from work to spend some time playing, exploring, and learning. You’ll just have a little time to play with them every day. So, get the most of it and enjoy! They are only this little once.


Tip #2: Don’t pressure yourself!

Being busy, you have deadlines and last minute jobs, but have a little time to breathe, relax and spend time with your family. If things don’t work out the way you’d hoped today make a plan to catch up on work after bed or early in the morning the following day. 


Tip#3: Take Advantage of the Nap Time

If you’re lucky and have babies who are under a year old, you most likely will get some longer nap times in each day. If you’re like me and have babies or toddlers that fight sleep tooth and nail then check out my course on h0w to manage. (I really do sympathize!)  Take advantage of the time while they’re asleep and knock out some work undistracted. 

Tip#4: Aim for the Best Balance Possible

It’s not always easy to strike a balance between work and family time, but it’s so worth it.  Even if you have weekends off, you’ll still spend it by working to make up for  or catch up on the upcoming workload. Constantly working may be fun (for me it is)  But its healthy to free at least one day of your week to have a family day or a little vacation. Even I must adhere to this advice, despite how hard it is to shut off my brain from work. It’s well worth it though. 



Tip#5: Communication is the Key!

Communicate with your partner so that they’ll know what to expect from you on a day-to-day basis. Depending on your work load it may be unpredictable from week to week and communicating in advance who is doing the dishes that week or cooking meals saves your family from any strife. Be open with your partner, especially with your daily and weekly schedules so you can both find a way to work it out!




-The VaRue Team


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